Tech & Design Service

1. AutoCAD for drawing preparation such as layout, design proposal and detailing.
2. Tekla Structures for 3D modelling, detailing and steel structure tonnage.
2. In-house technical engineering & design team:
a. Singapore Facilities : 1 Technical Manager leading 4 Designers.
b. Malayisa Facilities : 4 Designers
3. Provide design assistance to client with submission of shop and as built drawing.
4. Assist client with ST submission to BCA.

Professional Engineering Endorsement

1. Provide design calculation for design structures or items.
2. Together with our Professional Engineer. We are able to provide ST submission.
3. Certificate of Supervision by PE assignees or RTO.

Structural Steel and Metal Works Fabrication & Installation

1. Structural Steel Works:
a. All capacities

2. Galvanised or Mild Steel Metal Works:
a. Kingposts cutting and removal.
b. Temporary strutting works
c. Railing, Catladder, Catwalk, Platform, Grating and many more.

3. Stainless Steel Metal Works:
a. Railing & Specialty Grating
b. Cladding or Feature Wall
c. Box up compartment such as Hose Reel & AED.

4. Aluminum metal works:
a. Railing, Cladding , Roofing, Feature Wall and etc.

CNC & Machines

1. CNC Plasma Cutting. Capable of cutting 30mmthk plate or lesser.
2. CNC Flame Cutting. Capable of cutting 50mmthk plate or lesser.
3. Sheet Shearing and Bending machine.
4. Structural steel section profile rolling machine.